2015 ICA Summer Camp Teaneck Week 6
Posted: 8/2/2015 | Updated: 8/7/2015 | Photo | Results

Scholastic Chess Camp Week 6 Teaneck Report: Shelton Family Dominates!

The Shelton family (Dillon, Kaylie, and Miya) dominated many of the disciplines during week 6 of chess camp and ended up winning many prizes as a family because of it.

In the tournament section, Dillon Shelton won section one in the tie-break round over Matt Centrella (despite being down a piece Dillon attacked Matt’s undeveloped position well enough to make Centrella blunder in the deciding round).  Dillon’s sister Kaylie won section two beating her next two closest competitors Jeremy Chan Shia, and Andrew Sung, both of who finished second respectively. 

Unsurprisingly, both Dillon (Ivette’s group), and Kaylie(David’s group) won for best student.  Joining the family in the effort was Miya Shelton (Orren’s group) who won the best student prize as well. Dillon was also the winner for Problem Solving (he tried to do problems while playing the simul games against the coach to increase his chances in both disciplines) while Kaylie was the winner for the homework category (in order to not overkill the amount of prizes awarded we acknowledged their efforts but only gave one prize for best student/homework, or problem solving).

Josh T won for best improved notation (since he came at the beginning of the week not knowing any of it and by week’s end was extremely more proficient).

The survival in a simul winner was our guest from Fair Lawn Matt Centrella who did a terrific job in playing the coach all week. 

The “Themed practice game” winner was Lily Del Pilar (each day the coaches select an opening out of which the students can start their practice games.  The student with the most wins at the end of the week gets a prize.  The idea is students can study up on any of the openings at home.). The openings for the week were: Monday-Fischer defense to King’s gambit-Slava, Tuesday Frankenstein-Dracula Variation-David, Wednesday Evan’s Gambit-Ivette, Thursday Sicillian Dragon-Orren.

In the sports themed events Zachary and Lily tied for best athlete in the oldest group, Dillon won in the second oldest, while Miya won in the youngest group. 

The winner for dodgeball was again Dillon Shelton (who along with sister Kaylie brought a floppy hat to better do the ICA “hat trick, i.e. if you catch the ball with the hat you get four dodgeball points.) though because he got so many prizes in other categories we went with second place finisher Kento Numakara for the sport as a whole.

The winners for Relay Races were “Dogeball” (not Dodgeball but “DOGEball” as pronounced by Jeremy) and were captained by Dillon and included Jeremy, and Nanaama.

The winners for the bughouse,blitz, suicide team chess event was won by “One” and was a team comprised of Jeremy, and Zachary. 

Finally, despite a large amount of students participating in the Art competition and some really well detailed, colorful, and multi-day effort works (all criteria for winning the Art contest) Sharvanya was the winner since her other competitors were getting prizes for something else.


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